AC Sporting Targets - even a complete beginner will be hitting clays within minutes
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Beginners' Coaching

For the novice clay shooter, coaching is essential for a safe and productive introduction to the sport of clay shooting. We start of course with shotgun safety. You will soon be hitting clays, but more importantly you will know how to hit them safely and consistently. 

There is no substitute for learning the fundamentals; bypassing them only leads to frustration in the future.   Learn the basics and you will have a solid foundation upon which to build more advanced skills in the field and on shooting grounds.

We offer our starter package of 25 clays, 25 cartridges, gun hire and coaching for a fixed price of £40.  For other packages Contact us


We have various TOPGUN accessories in stock.  Please ask at reception for discounted prices.

New Coaching masterclass, with top world class clay shooters/coaches.  Click here.


Coaching Masterclass




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